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stainless steel water tank

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  • Certifications: ISO9001:2008
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SMC sectional water tank
Material Stainless steel SUS304,stainless steel ss316, FRP GRP, HDG.
Water tank volume From 1m3 to 5000m3
Panel Size 1.0m*1.0m, 1.0m*0.5m, 0.5m*0.5m
Panel Thickness Wall board thickness: 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 10mm and etc
Accessory Water inlet and outlet, Bolts, Sealing tapes, Draw rod, Flange connection,Ladder,Base channel(C channel) etc.


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The SMC water tank is assembled by water tank panels, bolts and nuts, flange, ladder, lacing wire, channel beam, iron angle, the sealing tape, etc.


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1.Low energy consumption, high speed, low noise, high efficiency

2.Equipped with photoelectric protection device, could guarantee the safety of the operation

3.Two operation model, viz. pressure regulation and stroke regulation which can be selected through operation panel, and has the character of pressure-keeping and time-delaying.


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Stainless steel water tank description
The stainless steel water tank adopts SUS304 water tank panel. This kind of panel is no rust, so it is the optimal water 
tank for storing drinking water. 
The stainless steel has the fine intensity, the plasticity, the inoxidizability and the weldability, 
welds the water tank lightly with the thin stainless steel plate both and strong, in the integration bearing pressure and must 
receives in the solar-powered water heater water tank to use generally. 

Size of stainless steel water tank panel: 
   1000*1000mm, 1000*500mm, 500*500mm
Panel thickness: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm
Stainless steel water tank function
The stainless steel water tank must be suitable for the construction for the water adjustment, the fire water tank, stores
 the water tank, heating system's inflation, the condensate tank, the architecture construction, the roadbuilding, the geological
 prospecting as well as the defense project and so on temporary water tank. The water tank 
can stores cold water and hot
. And it is acidproof and does not infiltrate, distort, corrode. 
The stainless steel water tank and the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank are quite similar in the function and the price, 
but actual selects time must select according to the use conditions 

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Stainless steel water tank characteristic: 
 The outlook is artistic and attractive. 
 The water quality is good, does not have two pollution. 
 The water tank interior had lacing wire, which has solved the problem of  big capacity water tank's bearing pressure . 
 The service life is long. The stainless steel water tank has the fine intensity, the plasticity, the inoxidizability and the 
weldability service life above 30 years
 It is advantageous for the transportation, the field assembly, facilitates the construction.
Stainless steel water tank application:
v  Drinking water storage
v  National, provincial and state parks
v  Construction and fire-fighting water supply
v  School water supply
v  Water circulation system
v  Geological survey and industry
v  Agricultural feeding operations
v  Residential cisterns
v  Temporary water storage tanks for expansion of the heating system
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