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FRP cable pipe winding machine

It is used to produce  FRP cable pipe,DN50-500mm,max length 6m
FRP cable pipe winding machine FRP cable pipe winding machine

2. The standard collection of the whole set machine:

1. Resin feeding system (include the resin tank with agitator, the pump, the chain and pipe to offer the resin automatically)
2. Pipe winding machine (the pipe winding platform, the vehicle, the resin bath, the machine               head and tail)
3. Curing station (machine head and tail)
4. Trimming machine (machine head and tail)
5. Chain type demoulding machine
3.  Advantages  
1. Used composite material to wind pipe for cable protection
2. The machine is highly automatic and PLC control system
3. High Production speed and raw material utilization, low cost 
4. Adopts discontinuous winding technology 
5. Good working condition and stable performance
6. Stable pipe quality and easy connection of bell and spigot

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