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FRP Cable tray

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  • Certifications: ISO9001:2008
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Cable tray system is made up of cable tray, cable tray bend, bracket, corbel, accessories etc. FRP Cable Tray is the use of fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, curing agent, flame retardant additives such as anti-corrosion material drawn
through the heated mold forming, and then Complete with all the necessary fittings such as 3 way tee sections, 
4 way cross sections, rising internal and external 90 & 45 degree bends, left & right hand horizontal bends, reducers, couplers, support and anchoring systems.

FRP GRP Fiberglass cable tray is a brand new innovational product ,With anti-corrosion, insulation, cost competitive 
and other notable feature of high-strength, FRP cable tray has become the best replacement for iron cable tray in explosive, acid, alkali environment to run your electrical cable and instrumentation pipe work.

FRP Cablr tray2FRP Cablr tray5

1.Reasonable prices,the real factory direct sale.
2. Light in weight, wide range of sizes.
3. Fast heat dispersion.
4. Strong enough to withstand short circuits. Provides strength, rigidity    without additional hardware.
5. Adapts to difficult architectural designs to accommodate changes in direction and elevation of  cable  runs.
6. Flexible, easy and fast installation. Design allows cable exit or entry at any point.
7. Cables can be secured to clamps or ties.
8. Safe smooth edge design to protect cable.
9. Easy for line check and cleaning , easy maintemance.
 Application range:
It generally applies to large power cables laid, especially suitable for high and low voltage power cables.
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